Welcome to our European office

With our office based in Boxtel, the Netherlands we mainly focus on the Dutch, Belgian and German textile market. With the focus on private label productions as well as specials, we offer a wide spectrum of opportunities to lift your business to a higher level.

Fast specials

By having a well-organized companystructure we are able to save valuable time on your specials, thereby the timespan between the first sample and final in-house delivery can be reduced massively. We offer all options needed, to ensure the garments fit the company it represents, from a infite spread of colors, to custom made buttons and labels. 

Private label

By working tightly together with our clients, we ensure every little detail fits the image of your brand. Combining this with our fabric-knowledge and decades of experience in textile-manufacturing, we create the highest quality garments completely to your likings.

We are the solution for your Professional Business

We are

Korenmolen 22
5281PB Boxtel


Office : +31 645 765 940